tombomb joined on August 28th, 2009.

He currently has around 545 points, which ranks him 19th in the score rankings.

Tombomb isn't known for having really good games, or even colorful ones. His games are usually simple but fun in a compelling sort of way.

His most popular game at the moment is aMazer club MMORG with about 85 plays, besides the game Disney Land, which has around 700 plays, and was transfered to him when his good friend smellypencil decided to leave ChallengeYou.

Tombomb owns 33 games as of present, the first one of which is 'The amazing maze' which is still yet to be beaten.

It is uncertain what tombomb's name really means, although the top three theories are listed here:

1. His real life name is 'tom' and he considers himself to be 'the bomb'

2. His name means 'tomb bomb'....fairly self explanitory.

3. His name means 'to mbbomb' to signify some sort of imaginary place that he wishes to visit. (This theory is only harbored by one amazer that I know of.)

Tombomb is known to be sort of a comedian at times, and says that he especially likes going on MultiPlayer with other members.

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