the_darkness is a semi-popular member of ChallengeYou, he is very active, though took two large breaks between 2008 and 2010, and then between 2010 and 2012. He is probably best known for his Heros Quest series. His most played game is Heros Quest Part 2 with 77 plays. He also updates the wiki regularly.

Contest Places:

Fish Tank Contest: Second place with the fish king (2008)

Volcano Contest: Third place with The Hellraisers (2010)

Olympic Contest: First Place with Olympic Triathlon (2012)

Comedy Contest: Third Place with The Mines 2 (2013)

Camping Contest: Third Place with Camping Trip (2013)


Joined: 1/4/08

Most Played: Heros Quest Part 2 - 89 plays.

Highest Rated: the fish king - 9 five star votes.

Subscribers: 2

Points: 339 (as of 11/1/13)

Placement: 19

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