Pew446 is a beta tester.

Pew446 joined July 25th, 2007, but isn't on often. He's really friendly and is a grammar freak. Hoo-ra! Pew446's website, (Still under construction) will be the home of his very own 3-D game! The name? Penguin Nation! One Nation, Many Penguins!

Pew446's most popular games are Mansion Robber, one of the first house games, and The Factory Spill, just pure fun. Pew446 has made one of the first obstacle courses.

Did you know...

  • Pew446 started scripting, all because of ChallengeYou? If Challengeyou wasn't here, Pew446 wouldn't know much about computers.
  • Pew446 is also galisprayo in ROBLOX. Brandon is YoYoBoy1539 on ROBLOX, too!
  • Pew446 also plays RuneScape. Do you? Add him!
  • Pew446 is skilled with CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, LUA, C++, Python, and TorqueScript. Whoa.
  • Pew446's favorite
    • Band: Smash Mouth.
    • Song: I'm Blue.
    • Color: Baby Blue.
    • Games: ROBLOX, Blockland, ChallengeYou, and RuneScape.
    • Day: Christmas.
  • Pew446 has over 1000 friends from online and school.
  • Pew446 has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
  • Every boy in Pew446's family's name starts with M and every girl's names start with H.

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