There are many members on ChallengeYou. Members are what make ChallengeYou what it is. Some members are popular like Haakson, or babywinter.

All members have an avatar with the first letter of their username on their torso, their name floating above their head, and different hair styles that vary if they're a boy or girl. There are a few select members who are beta testers. Betas wear red masks on their faces to make them stand out in a crowd. Since ChallengeYou is the creator of the game, he dons a golden mask.

The ChallengeYou community work together or on their own, some like to create game and forum groups on which they can help each other or just have some fun.

MultiPlayer and Game Chat are proberly the best ways to get to know other players on ChallengeYou. Feel free to add a members page of yourself so other people can see information about you.


ChallengeYou himself, in the maze "Captain ChallengeYou". He is clearly distinguishable by his golden mask.

List of Member Articles Edit

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