"J-Pwn is a player with epic win contained in him." - Lolguy116

J-Pwn is a rather odd fellow on Challengeyou. He acts like a wolf furrie. He likes both genders. And very random at times. His usually greetings are "Yello", "Ello", "Hola", and very rarely "Holo". He doesn't design games anymore. He is on Challengeyou just to hang out with his friends. His best friends on the other hand are "lolguy116", "me4612", "Corncycle", "Tinyb77", "naate", "Metaman911", "sky10111", "kiba55", and somewhat, "sasruto", or as he likes to call him "sarus".

He is quite the active member on Challengeyou. If you want to see him,he'll most likely be in the multiplayer zone.

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