Haakson is a key member of

He joined on December 12, 2007. He is a ChallengeYou Beta Tester and has the 4th most points on

A screenshot of one of Haakson's games, "Puzzle Mania".

Haakson is known for his wide variety of colorful games, including "Colour World", The "Mouse" Trilogy, The "Lost Soldier" Series, "FBI City", and many more. His most popular game is "Test", which is the 9th most popular game on ChallengeYou


Joined: 12/12/07

Most played: Test - 2400

Highest rated: Haakson Museum - 5/5

Subscribers: 166

Points: 2041

Placement: 4



Haakson's game "Test" on the Most Popular Games page.

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