Games are the main purpose for Games can be made easily using the LevelCrafter Editor, which can be found by clicking the "MAKE GAMES" button on the homepage. There are thousands of games created on Some of these games got popular due to winning contests that players vote on, or Race Winner's choice [Every time a contest game is featured from winning whoever gets the highest score (least time) gets to pick a game to be featured as well]

List of Popular Games Edit

Here are all the popular games we've made an article about so far.

Journey To Eden by Babywinter

Tic Tac Toe by Brandon

BGM series by Brandon and Haakson

Crazy School Days series by Madman622

The Moonlight Zone by Puffly38 and ajp243

The Review by Pacman94

Palador by sky10111

Habbo Hotel by SpeedRacer

Fun Carnival by TheNiceDuck

Brandon Arcade by Brandon

Pillar Jumper by Pokemvp

Hollywood by Puffly38

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