Chasers are one of the two enemies that can be added to a level. A Chaser, as the name suggests, will chase the player until the player escapes the chaser's awareness range or if it comes into contact with a crumb; the crumbs can either be dropped or shot at the chaser. When idle or hit by a crumb, Chasers will appear almost fully transparent until a player approaches it, at which point it will become fully opaque. There are three different appearances one can choose for each individual Chaser, however this will not effect the way it acts with the exceptions of sound effects.

  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin Chasers take the appearance of an orange pumpkin

    A pumpkin chaser.

    with an angry face carved into it. When chasing the player, they will make a chomping sound.
  • Ghost: Ghost Chasers take the appearance of a semi-transparent ghost with full red eyes. Ghosts will make moaning sounds when it chases the player.
  • Saucer: Saucer Chasers take the appearance of mini-ufos. When chasing the player, they will make beeping sounds.

The speed of a Chaser can also be altered (Much like Icemen's speed can). This will effect how fast Chasers will chase a player. Generally, faster Chasers require more effort to escape from compared to slower Chasers.

Chasers are impossible to destory, making them more of an obstacle rather than an enemy. If a Chaser is hit by a crumb, it will go into idle mode for a second before chasing the player again.

Chasers cannot attack in groups because only one Chaser can be active at one time. If there are multiple Chasers within a small area, the one that is closest to the play and hasn't been hit by a crumb will chase the player.